L. Subramaniam biography

Born: 23 July 1947 Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

For his work: violinist, exponent of Indian classical music

L. Subramaniam is a talented Indian violinist, music composer and masterful combination of South Indian and Western classical music with Carnatic music. The melodies of the music composed by them are unique in themselves. He is not only a violinist, but is also known as a revolutionary changeer of technology and new experiments in the field of music.

As a child, he had acquired special abilities in the field of classical music. He is the only person who was known as ‘Violin Chakraborty’ (ie Violin Emperor) in his childhood. He was not only tied to the profession of violin music, but he composed, furnished and improved hundreds of tunes. Along with Carnatic music, he also knows western classical music, jazz, fusion, orchestra and world music. He has been honored not only in India but in many countries of the world. He has also performed in many international concerts with him at the request of many distinguished musicians of the world.

He has done more than 150 recordings and has also worked with many big musicians like Yiddish Menuhin, Stephen Grappelli and Rugiero Ricci etc. He has received special fame for combining his musical tunes with orchestras.
early life

L. Subramaniam was born on 23 July 1947 in Chennai (Madras, Tamil Nadu) to a distinguished musician family. He belongs to a South Indian Tamil family. He performed his first public program of music at the theater at a young age of just six years. The music was filled with his youth since childhood, which was a boon to his mother Sitalakshmi and father V. Lakshminarayan as they were both famous musicians.

Subramaniam’s childhood was spent in Jaffna (Sri Lanka). Being from a reputed musician family, he started taking his steps forward in his childhood. He received his early education in music from his parents, who gave him knowledge of the basic nuances of music.

Apart from music, Subramanyam also studied medical science during his college days. He received his MBBS from Madras Medical College. Degree was obtained. His tenure as a doctor was short lived and after a few days he started studying music again. During this time, he received his postgraduate education in Western music from the California Institution of Arts. During this time he got a golden opportunity to rejoice with many contemporary eminent musicians.

Although he obtained his doctorate after his studies in the field of medicine, he adopted music as his profession as a violinist. His fans call him Mani with love.

family life

He was first married to Viji Subramanian in 1976, but unfortunately he died on 9 February 1995. After this, in the year 1999, he got his second marriage with popular Indian playback singer Kavita Krishnamurthy. He had four children from his first marriage, who imitated his father Subramaniam’s music education and has also performed at many music shows. His elder daughter Ginger Shankar is currently working as a music composer in Los Angeles. His second daughter Bindu (Sita) is a famous singer and lyricist. His elder son Narayan is a surgeon (doctor) who is also a singer. While his younger son Ambi is a violin player who has gained immense fame.

Their contribution in promoting Indian and Western music

L. Subramaniam’s contribution has been very influential in the field of Indian music. He performed his music live by well-known Indian Carnatic music composers of his time such as Chembai Vaidyanath Bhagwathar, M.D. Ramanathan etc. He has also played ‘Mridangam’ instruments in several stage shows along with famous musician Palghat Mani Iyer. He not only performed his masterful for orchestras on the violin, but also composed music for many Hollywood films. In addition, he has also composed music in several Bollywood films such as ‘Salaam Bombay’ and ‘Mississippi Masala’, directed by Meera Nair.

He also performed as a solo violinist in the production of Bernardo Bertolucci’s films ‘Little Buddha’ and ‘Cotton Mary of Merchant-Ivory’. He performed his orchestra programs in New York under the name ‘Fantasy of Vedic Chant (Mantra)’. He has also performed in various concerts with Zubin Mehta’s ‘Swiss Romande Orchestra’, ‘Oslo Philharmonic’ with two violins and ‘Global Symphony’ Berlin Opera. He has also written some books based on Carnatic music.

Awards and Honors

L. He has been awarded several national and international awards in Subramanian’s glorious music career.

He was awarded the President’s Award for the best violin playing on ‘All India Radio’ in the year 1963.

He was also nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award in the year 1981.

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