How to address rehashed behaviors of your child-kids’ behaviors and separation

Welcome to Children’s Mom Docs.Today we will discuss how to address rehashed behaviors. Presently, you can really take the entirety of your kids’ behaviors and separation them into two buckets. One is “things you wish they would start doing” and others are the “things you wish they would stop doing.” You can really sit down, have a family meeting, and take a gander at the stuff that you are wasting your day on.

How to address rehashed behaviors of your child-kids’ behaviors and separation
How to address rehashed behaviors of your child-kids’ behaviors and separation
How frequently would you say you are stating, “no.” and address the same problems? We are a whole lot better at discovering things we wish they would stop. Try not to stress, it’s your wiring. It’s not awful child rearing. Alright?

You need them to stop are crying
This is what we have to do: Make a list. Things that you need them to stop are crying. For me, I can’t take it. It’s always the highest priority on the list and it has to be stopped. Things like crying can be tallied. Presently, I’m not discussing the endless tallying where you get to 10, you go up, you return. Checking is really a two-step process. They get a “one” that tells them, “This is a conduct I don’t need you to do any longer.” They get around five or ten seconds so they can consider an alternate decision, at that point they get to the “two.” Once no doubt about it,” “this means, “we’re done on the off chance that it happens once more.” They get an additional couple of moments, just long enough to process, and afterward they get the “three” and a quick consequence.

key for “stop” behaviors of child

The key for “stop” behaviors is when no doubt about it,” “something about their reality has to change. That can be leaving a store, killing the TV, yet it’s an unmistakable system that you can settle on two choices and, from that point forward, we’re just done. “Start” Behaviors: This is the crucial step. These are the things that we need to inspire however we will in general punish. So we need them to get in the vehicle rapidly, yet what we do is start hollering or then again getting distraught or saying, “We’re not going.” If you need them, at that point there needs to be an impetus that happens just once the seatbelt clicks. It very well may be simple things. It very well may be a bit of gum. It very well may be a sticker. How would you discover motivators? Here’s the easiest thing: The things that persuade your child are the stuff they would prefer not to stop doing. Try not to stress, we’re all in this together. When you have your list, you also need to stay inspired, yourself. Make certain to work in some rewards.

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