How to address rehashed behaviors of your child-kids’ behaviors and separation

Welcome to Children’s Mom Docs.Today we will discuss how to address rehashed behaviors. Presently, you can really take the entirety of your kids’ behaviors and separation them into two buckets. One is “things you wish they would start doing” and others are the “things you wish they would stop doing.” You can really sit down, […]

HEALTHY HABITS-top 10 healthy habits for kids-women and men

What are healthy habits?Good daily habits can make such a big difference to your overall health and your life. In this article I’m going to share 10 daily habits that have changed my life in many different ways.we’re going to talk about 10 daily habits that have made a really big difference to my life […]

What is Global Health?|explaination and definition of Global Health

The spread of HIV, SARS, the pandemic threat of bird flu, and the recent Ebola outbreak have all drawn attention to global health. But what exactly is World Health? The most widely accepted definition is with justice and human rights for foundation Global Health is a field of study research and practices,who gives priority to […]